Ways To Connect

1 - Attend Worship

It may sound a bit predictable but the center of our congregational life at St. Giles is our Sunday morning worship service.  If you come to Sunday worship (10:30 AM) here’s what you’ll experience . . . a warm welcome, an engaged congregation that expresses their love for Jesus Christ through heartfelt and responsive worship, guitars and blue jeans (rather than an organ and suits), a relevant sermon grounded in Scripture and filled with practical life application, and an opportunity to receive personal prayer.  If you give us your contact information we’ll follow up with you to welcome you once again, answer any questions, and invite you to our pastor’s home to meet others and make some friends.

2 - Parish Groups

At St. Giles we have a network of "parish" groups which are spread throughout the greater Charlotte metro region. From Waxhaw to Fort Mill, Matthews to Montclaire, we have the city covered with a small group you can be a part of. To learn more email Pastor Tim Carey.

3 - Sunday School

Sunday School matters at St. Giles. Not only do we provide a robust program for kids of all ages and youth, we have a number of adult Sunday School classes you can join. In addition to occasional topical classes, we offer ongoing classes targeting Bible Study, Young Families, and Families of Teens. Classes meet on the St. Giles campus at 9:30 AM and run to 10:15 AM. To learn more email Pastor Tim Carey.

Our Current Schedule:

Adult Class - Meeting in the "large room" in the Fellowship Hall.
Young Families - Meeting in the Corner Classroom in the Fellowship Hall.
Families of Teens - Meeting in the "Gathering Space" of the gym foyer.

4 - Affinity Groups

In addition to Parish Groups which meet in various sections - or "parishes" of the city - we have a number "Affinity Groups". Affinity Groups are also small groups, but are built around a particular interest or season in life. Currently we offer Affinity Groups as follows:

Nurturing Moms - Moms of all ages are invited to Nurturing Moms! This group meets the first Friday of each month at St. Giles from 10-12. We desire to to be equipped as moms and to help our young ones navigate correctly the mixed message of our post modern culture. Questions? Contact Helen Atwood

Eldering before you elder - Younger men are invited to join with Pastor Nate the first Saturday morning of each month from 7:30 am to 9:00 am. In addition to a time of fellowship, worship, and prayer, Nate's group is currently in a year long study of "mighty men" in the Bible and the life lessons we can learn from them. These mighty men learned first of all to conquer themselves as they sought to serve God and those around them. To learn more, contact Eric Schlenker at

Aging - Elder Bud Carrier is leading an Affinity Group focused on the challenges unique to aging. A subject that nobody particularly wants to engage, aging comes to all of us and the Bible gives particular attention to how we age in a manner which blesses others, honors God, and draws us closer to Him. For more information, please contact Bud Carrier at

Men's Fire Group -  Our purpose is to worship, fellowship and participate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit! It meets the first and third (and 5th) Monday night of each month at 7:30 pm  at 7100 Alexander Road, Charlotte. Questions? Contact St. Giles Pastor Emeritus, Percy Burns at 704-321-1997.

Romans -  This group of young men is focused on line by line study of the Book of Romans.  Meeting the 2nd and 4th Monday at 7am it is a “high demand” group requiring study/preparation and consistent attendance.  Contact Zac Reid at

Preparing for Retirement – This lunch group is focused on preparing men in the 50’s and 60’s for the key transition into retirement.  Transitions are key moments in life and not all men prepare well.  Many men come to retirement having financially planned but suddenly find themselves spiritually unprepared.  This group is focused on studying Scripture with a view towards men’s roles in their family, church, and community as they age into the greater wisdom that the years can afford us.  To learn more contact

Building Strong Homes –  This Thursday evening Affinity Group is for families with children at home.  Currently studying “Habits of the Household”, the goal is to build strong community among Christian parents as they seek to raise their children in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord”.  Contact to learn more.

Working Moms – With a view towards the many demands on mothers who work, this group seeks to offer fellowship and Scriptural guidance to women who too easily find themselves isolated by the demands of their lives.

Missionary Support -  This group is focused on supporting and praying for the 27 missionaries St. Giles has out in the field.  Contact John or Bonnie Price at

GO Fellowship (Evangelism 101) -  This group meets at St. Giles to train for and carry out personal evangelism.  Contact Thomas Davis at

Men of the Word – This is a cyber group of men who daily read the Bible together and interact with one another based on their Scripture readings.  Contact Kevin Souder at

Bible Study & Fellowship Group in Madison Park - This group meets on Wednesday nights in the Madison Park neighborhood for Bible Study and prayer. Please reach out to Mike Greene at for more information.

Bible Study and Fellowship Group in Montclaire - This group meets regularly in the Montclaire neighborhood for Bible study and prayer. Please reach out to Scott Snyder at for more information.

Service and Fellowship Group - This group meets regularly for service projects and fellowship. Please reach out to Sharon Seward at for more information.

Prayer and Fellowship Group - This group meets on Wednesday nights in the Stallings area. Please reach out to Reggie Wood at for more information.

Bible Study and Fellowship Group in Waxhaw - This group meets regularly in the Waxhaw area. Please reach out to Mark Jenkins at for more information.

 (New Affinity Groups are consistently forming,  Stay tuned for updates as they happen!)