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We believe Worship is at the heart of disciple-making.  Jesus Himself established the primacy of worship when he said, “Worship God and Him alone” (Matthew 4:10).  Sounds important!  It may sound a bit predictable but the center of our congregational life at St. Giles is our Sunday morning worship service.  If you come to Sunday worship (10:30 AM) here’s what you’ll experience . . . a warm welcome, an engaged congregation that expresses their love for Jesus Christ through heartfelt and responsive worship, guitars and blue jeans (rather than an organ and suits), a relevant sermon grounded in Scripture and filled with practical life application, and an opportunity to receive personal prayer.  If you give us your contact information we’ll follow up with you to welcome you once again, answer any questions, and invite you to our pastor’s home to meet others and make some friends.  And, just to make it clear, we think worship begins with Sunday morning but it’s a daily lifestyle of gratitude, prayer, and humility that both flows out of Sunday worship and prepares us for it.


The word “disciple” means “learner” . . . and the center of learning for us is the Bible.  As passionate as we are about worship, we’re even more passionate about Scripture because we’ve seen its’ effect in our own lives.  We’ve got two primary vehicles of Study at St. Giles, Sunday School and Affinity Groups.

Sunday School matters at St. Giles. Not only do we provide a robust program for kids of all ages and youth, we have a number of adult Sunday School classes you can join. In addition to occasional topical classes, we offer ongoing classes targeting Bible Study, Young Families, and Families of Teens. Classes meet on the St. Giles campus at 9:30 AM and run to 10:15 AM. To learn more email Pastor Tim Carey.

Our Current Schedule:

Adult Class - Meeting in the "large room" in the Fellowship Hall.
Young Families - Meeting in the Corner Classroom in the Fellowship Hall.
Families of Teens - Meeting in the "Gathering Space" of the gym foyer.

We have a number "Affinity Groups". Affinity Groups are also small groups, but are built around a particular interest or season in life. Currently we offer Affinity Groups as follows:

Aging Gracefully
Focus:  Senior saints discuss the unique challenges and blessings of aging.  
Meet: 2nd & 4thTuesdays; 10:00-11:30Location: St. Giles Fellowship Hall
Leader:  Bud Carrier

Creative Expression 
Focus: Learn to incorporate the arts into your worship.
Meet: 3rd Sunday- following the Sunday morning service
Location: St. Giles campus
Leader:  Christina Sheffield

Divine Healing  Focus: Study the Bible’s teaching on healing and learn how to apply it.
Meet: Monthly following the Sunday morning service.
Location: St. Giles campus Leader:  
Leader: Michael King

Eldering Before You Elder 
Focus: Equipping men to be leaders in their home, church and community.  
Meet: 1st Saturdays; 7:30-9 am
Location: St. Giles sanctuary
Leader: Pastor Nate Atwood
Main Contact: Eric Schlenker

GO Fellowship
Focus: Practice prayer, fellowship and personal evangelism.
Meet: 2nd Fridays; 6:45 PM
Location: St. Giles gym
Leader: Thomas Davis

Life Group
Focus: Gather to share life and to study topics related to the Christian life.
Meet: Thursday nights; 6:30 pm  
Location: 270 Colville Road Charlotte, NC 28207
Leaders: Mark & Liz Guthrie

Life Group 
Focus: Prayer, fellowship, worship &Bible study.
Meet: once a month in the evenings
Location: Member’s homes
Leaders: Reggie and Cathy Wood

Men's Fire Group  
Focus:  Worship, fellowship and participate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit!
Meet: 1st, 3rd & 5thMondays; 7:00-9:00 pm
Location: 7100 Alexander Road, Charlotte, NC
Leader: Pastor Percy Burns
Main Contact: Bryan McFarland

Men of the Word 
Focus: Encouraging men to read the Bible daily.
Meet:  Ongoing
Location: Remote; the group stays connected via weekly communication
Leader: Kevin Souder

Montclaire Bible Study
Focus: Group Bible study and fellowship.
Meet: Monthly Location: St. Giles
Leader: Scott and Lexie Snyder

Nurturing Moms 
Focus: To equip moms and to help young mothers correctly navigate the mixed messages of day.
Meet: 1st Fridays; 10-12 pm; on a semester basis
Location: St. Giles campus
Leader: Helen Atwood

Quail Hallow Bible Study
Focus: Group Bible study and fellowship.
Meet: Every other Wednesday night
Location: 2909 English Sparrow Lane, Charlotte,NC 28210
Leader: Mike & Susan Greene

Waxhaw Bible Study
Focus: Group Bible study and fellowship.
Meet: Every other Wednesday night, 7-8:30 pm
Location: 7109 Dorey Lane, Waxhaw, NC 28173
Leader: Mark and Kirstin Jenkins

​​Men’s Book Club
Meeting the 4th Monday of the month at 7AM, this is a men’s Affinity Group based on book study.  Currently we are reading Arthur W. Pink’s the “The Attributes of God”.
Main contact: Pastor Nate Atwood

If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please send a message regarding the specific group name you are interested in joining to tim@stgilesepc.org.


We live in a society wherein people stay indoors and hide behind digital identities.  Sounds safe . . . and lonely.  At St. Giles we have a network of PARISH GROUPS spread throughout the greater Charlotte region.  Jesus said, ‘’Love one another” (John 13:34) and so Parish Groups share meals together, pray for one another, and serve one another when needs around.  It’s a gift to be in a smaller community that’s close to home, and to get to know those in the church who live nearby.  We’ve got 9 parishes spread through the city, email Pastor Tim Carey to learn more.


Jesus said, “I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27).   Serving is at the heart of Christian identity, finding purpose in life, and bringing honor to God.  Our goal at St. Giles is to have everyone engaged in service and we’ve developed a process to help you find your gifts in ministry and those whom God has especially laid on your heart.  Called “The MO Class”, it’s a step by step discipleship tool to help you find your place in service alongside other believers.

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