About us

“I feel like I’ve come home.” That’s a remark we often hear, oftentimes from folks who have just walked in the door for the first time.  “Home” is a good thing for church to be.  Part of that feeling of home comes from the fact that we’re intergenerational and informal.  We’re committed to the Bible, yet we seek to apply Scripture in ways that are practical and life changing.  We embrace the present day work of God’s Spirit, and yet we’re grounded in the historic Christian faith.  Maybe you’re just beginning your spiritual journey and want to learn more about Jesus Christ, or you’re a believer looking for a community that you can make your home, perhaps God is leading you in our direction.  Throughout our web site, or on our Facebook page, you’ll see that we’re passionate about growing in Christ and living out God’s grace.  You’re welcome to come check us out or email one of our pastors to learn more nate@stgilesepc.org or tim@stgilesepc.org.  
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Let prayer be your first answer

You’re not alone . . . and you do not have to solve all your problems without help.  If the Bible makes one thing clear it’s that God is for us, and available.  Prayer unlocks the potential of God.  

God is closer than you think.

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