Awakening Love 2018

Romance. Other than faith in Christ, is there a topic with more potential to affect our kids lives than this one? Think about it. How you married. When you married. Who you married. How many life decisions have had this level of impact upon you?

On Sunday evening, January 14th, you and your teenagers are invited to hear a love story. Malcolm and Sarah Fitschen met, fell in love, and married through the slightly unconventional model of courtship. Their story is warm, human, inspiring, and they will quickly tell you that it’s HOW they met and fell in love that was crucial to a successful marriage. We’ve asked Malcolm and Sarah to share their story because they were married at St. Giles 4 years ago . . . in fact, Sarah is Nate and Helen’s daughter.

Isn’t it obvious that the world’s model of romance is broken? Isn’t it also obvious that too many Christian become casualties during their early encounters with romance and too often carry that brokenness forward in life. (Maybe that’s your story.) A growing number of families at St. Giles are asking important questions about how they can guide their kids into the world of romance in a manner which is life-giving, wise, and ultimately freeing because it’s positions them for God’s very best.

We’re planning a wonderful evening, as is appropriate for a subject so significant. We’ll be serving dinner in the gym at 5pm – a nice dinner. We’re providing childcare for all ages because we want the younger families to be a part of this conversation as well. In fact, the earlier you start thinking about it the better. At 5:45 we’ll be moving parents and teenagers into the sanctuary to hear Malcolm and Sarah’s story. You and your kids will love them and what they have to share. After they tell their story, they’ll head over to the gym with your teens and our youth leaders. We’ll break kids into four groups – with youth leaders – to ask questions and learn more. Malcolm and Sarah will be with the teens, as will Alec and Hannah Mangum who’s story was different in some ways but which still followed the similar trajectory of courtship. We think your teens will be inspired to hear about a love stories which followed a “highest and best” trajectory towards life long love.

Nate and Helen will stay in the sanctuary, as will Roy and Kerith Mangum, to share with their parents their story of walking with their kids during this crucial season in life. They’ll share what they learned, what worked and what didn’t work, what they learned about themselves, and how God guided them into a deeper understanding of His Word as they sought Him out on the all important subject of kids, their journey into “Love Awakened”, and how to guide them into love awakening “at the right time”.

Event Schedule – Sunday, January 14th
4:40-4:55 pm  Nursery Check-in 
5:00-5:45 pm  Dinner ($5.00 per person, family maximum $15.00)
Gym: Ages K through adult
Admin Building/Nursery: Ages 0-4 years old
(5:00-7:00 pm children will receive dinner/childcare in their classrooms)
6:00-6:30 pm Presentation
Elementary students (K-5th grade): King’s Kids Classroom
Youth and Parents: Sanctuary (Malcolm and Sarah Fitschen share their story)
6:30-7:00 pm  Breakout Sessions
Elementary students (K-5th grade): King’s Kids Classroom
Youth report to youth room (Malcom and Sarah, Alec and Hannah Mangum)
Parents remain in the sanctuary (Helen and Nate Atwood, Roy and Kerith Mangum)